Exam Analyser

What Is Exam Analyser

Exam analyser provides information on specific exam covering basic details, syllabus, exam pattern, analysis of previous exams and cut offs, recent notifications, tips on exam preparation and testbag advantageThis will help to understand and plan goals and short term objectives

TestBag advantage also quantifies goals with recommendations on speed for specific exams

Knowing your destination before starting is first step towards success.

Goals – Final purpose or aim
What Goals Do

Gives you a sense of direction . You cannot reach a destination without
knowing where it is

Goals fuel achievement. Knowing your goal intensify your desire to reach there

Setting up Goals

Goals should be SMART

Specific : This will allow you to focus your efforts. I will decrease my weight is generic but I will decrease by weight by 2 kgs is specific. I will try to get admission engineering college is generic but I will get in IIT is specific but I will get in IIT in top 100 seats in more specific goal setting and still more specific is I will get in IIT in top 100 seats in more and shall work for it from 11th class. Specific means What, Why and How of a goal to be decided

Measurable: Build your goal in short term objectives but each should be measurable so that you can feel positive change. Last week I attempted 40% questions correctly. This week I have move up to 45%. Goals and objectives which cannot be measured are usually not attained

Attainable : Goals and objectives should be set which are humanly possible. You may have to stretch with commitment to achieve them. Unattainable objectives are defeating in nature. Every small success attained motivates you to next step.

Realistic : They should be achievable in a given time frame with some extra efforts. I will do whole mechanics with 100% correct questions in a week means that you will not do it at all

Timely : Time of all short term objectives must add up to total time set up for the goal. If few objectives are not achieved in time they can derail time of other objectives. Keep some time cushion while setting objectives.

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