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How to self assess

How to self assess with TestBag ?

Self Assessment is easy

Self Assessment refers to a comprehensive, systematic and regular review one’s own knowledge . Its help in bridging gap between teaching and learning , in understanding what is known to you and what remains to be known in a subject, topic or keyword It also gives you idea of gaps required to be covered particularly in model tests whether the gaps are in knowledge, understanding, time management or handling negative marks. Further keeping previous cut offs in view the user gets some idea of where is he standing vis-a-vis expectations.

Taking TestBag help to Assess yourself is very easy. However it should be done regularly and results are reviewed with teacher/mentors to understand gaps and initiate steps to improve

Some Examples subject wise

Biology : Say you are a 11th or 12th class student and the subject being taught to you taught to you today is
Cell Structure. Kindly remain attentive in the class and try not only to listen but understand what is being conveyed. Jot down only some important points which you need to remember.In the evening at home , logon to www.testbag.com, select cell structure within Biology – General Biology-Cell biology (this is a tree structure) . Once the Topic Selected is ‘Cell Structure’ , select question type as ‘Any’ or ‘Multiple choice’ as the case may be . Type number of questions required say as ’15’ question per page as ’15’ (keeping your convenience in view) . Select level of difficulty as ‘medium’ (recommended difficulty level for 11th and 12th Class), allocate time in minutes to complete the test say ’10’ (as per your need but keep competitive time to make test meaningful) and then allocate marks for correct answers, incorrect answers and questions not attempted (as per your need but keep them competitive)Thereafter Click button ‘ Check Availability before Test’ . You will get a suitable response whether the test is available or not as per your selection criteria. In addition there will be information on total number of questions available . (This is to indicate that if there are good number of questions , you can retake the test after completing the first on same selection criteria and in all chances you will get a new set of questions in second, third test and so on.) Close the windowThen start test by clicking ‘Start Test’ button . The test will start immediately with questions as per selection criteria. On the top of the test would be a time watch monitoring time spent on the test. The test will stop on completion of time . On completion of test, click button ‘Submit’. The test results with all relevant details will be displayedThe results are also stored in Test History. Kindly analyse questions where you have gone wrong. If you are not able to understand or that particular area has not been covered during teaching, please discuss same with your teacher/mentor. Thereafter you can take another test on same topicIf there is any ambiguity or may be a mistake, please refer to us by filling in details in feedback and mentioning Item ID of question under reference along with your User ID and email to enable us to respond backInstead of selecting a topic, you can simply input a keyword say ‘mitochondria’ follow the steps as written above, check availability and take a test to assess you understanding on mitochondriaOnce the exams are near you can start taking Model Tests on Biology to understand gaps in knowledge, improve time management and develop skill in handling questions when there is negative marking by keep practicing on various combinations. For example you can attempt all questions and see result, second time avoid questions you don’t know and see results, third time attempt questions you know partially ad are doing a near guess. This are few indicative methods. You can build your own suitable criteria . Analyse yourself and discuss shortcomings with other to seek valueable information to improve furtherIf there paucity of time you can create and take tests even on default values set in selection criteria

You can work in similar way on



Mathematics : However keywords will not be available in Mathematics

Second Example : English

In English say you want to assess you vocabulary of synonyms of alphabet ‘A’ . Go to English-English Vocabulary-Synonyms and select ‘Synonyms with Alphabet A’ Once selected , choose selection criteria as mentioned above . Remember in English Grammar, there is no point in choosing difficulty level ‘medium’ or ‘hard’ as most of questions across most of exams are of difficulty level ‘easy’ and as such your selection criteria will show positive results if you difficulty level is either ‘any’ or ‘easy’ . Again instead of selecting ‘Synonyms with Alphabet A’ if you will select only ‘Synonyms’, (In tree structure ‘Synonyms’ will come first then ‘Synonyms with Alphabet A’) the test will be created taking questions from all alphabets Similarly you can assess yourself in area of English Proficiency and English Usage etc.

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