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Level Of Questions

Level of Questions

In TestBag the questions are of four levels – L1, L2, L3 and L4. There can be questions of all four levels /only three levels / only two levels / or single level in a subject/ topic/ subtopic or keyword

In all subjects (except General Topics* and English ) the level of questions meets following criteria

L1 – Questions for students of class IX and X ( Secondary or Matric class)

L2 – Questions for students of class XI and XII ( Senior Secondary class)

L3 – Questions for students of Graduation -Under Graduation (UG) or Post Graduation (PG) or equivalent disciplines

L4 – Questions for Professionals in their disciplines – bankers, insurers, doctors, chartered accountants etc. In these fields, there are topics which are field specific and are generally not taught in main stream classes (i.e from IX till Graduation). However in cases where main stream topics are also included in professional subjects, TestBag follows usual classification i.e L1, L2, L3 as the case may be for the particular topic/subject . For illustration – In banking questions on topic ‘risk management’ will be of level L4 but in topic ‘Accounting’ the questions will be L1, L2 or L3 as the case may be because ‘Accounting’ is also taught main stream classess

In case of General Topics and English although most of questions are GL1 and few are GL2 but they are not representative of class IXth , Xth., XIth or XIIth. For convenience of users, TestBag has following criteria for level of questions in General Topics and English

GL1 – Questions commonly asked in General Topics and English in competitive exams after schooling such as clerical cadre exams, NDA etc

GL2 – Questions commonly asked in General Topics and English in competitive exams after graduation such as CAT, MAT, Bank PO, IAS etc

Select option ‘Any’ will select questions randomly from all four levels

Kindly Note :- Level of questions in knowledge pool for the subject topic keyword reflect ground realities. For example most of the question in English Grammar will be L1 as grammar is normally taught upto Xth standard only. Questions for Calculus would mainly be L2 or above as most of the Calculus is taught from XIth and XIIth standard onwards. Similarly most of questions on keyword ‘Mitochondria’ in Cell Biology would be L2 and above and as Mitocohondria is mainly taught in XIth, XIIth and graduation. Again questions on subject topics or keyword which are taught in graduation would be L3. As such searching questions on these topics in L1 or L2 will give Nil results.

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