Ask yourself a question Is my child making expected progress towards achieving his goals and am I sure about it ?. In many cases the answer would be “I don’t know” or “He is doing fine but I am not sure”

Progress report may not provide you specific information based on assessment whether your child is making progress towards his goals or not. You need to evaluate along with your child his strengths and weaknesses and initiate steps to fill the gap in his educational needs and help him achieve his goals

Your personal involvement / interest in your child’s education gives him motivation to progress further.

Just ask him what he has studied today. Encourage him to take a 15 minutes self test on each subject or topic taught to him in the school / college / institution today. You and your child will get idea of his present level of performance. (You can get details of his performance for each test taken in the Test History)

Pat him if he has done well. Discuss with him the shortcomings. There could also be areas in the topic that have been not covered in the lessons taught to him. Encourage him to improve next day if he is under performing and initiate a planned action for improvement of his performance and monitor the same for progress

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