Self Assessor

What Is Self Assessor?

Self Assessor has facility to simulate your own tests instantaneously for self assessment from vast number of subject, topics and keywords with flexibility to choose number of questions, type of questions, level of questions, allocate time and marks. Results of tests are instantaneous detailing given answers and correct answers

This is of great help in your regular studies. Simulate a self test on topic learnt today, understand what is known to you and what remains to be known. Remember some third party can only tell you about unknown. That’s where Self Assessor gains importance. For unknown refer to books, consult peers or take help of teachers to bridge the gap.

Complete this exercise preferably same day as new topic will be waiting to be mastered next day

Self assessor not only assesses your learning but also adds lot to your knowledge from its own knowledge pool during assessment. That’s why TestBag is assessment of learning and assessment for learning.

All test are stored in test history for future reference and each user has separate test history.

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