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TestBag covers wide range of Subjects, Topics within the subjects, Subtopics within topics and so on . In all subjects it is our endeavour to cover all topics and subtopics pertaining to that subject. In most of subjects we have been able to cover all topics and subtopics as in Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc

Although subjects covers questions from most of main topics, topics, subtopics but only those main topics, topics and subtopics are displayed here which has sufficient number of questions (say 50 or more questions)

For example in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Zoology, Botany etc nearly all important topics and subtopics are displayed but in General Mental Ability , the topics displayed are Verbal Tests and Reasoning Tests within Verbal Tests and within Reasoning Tests the subtopics displayed are

This does not means that questions from other subtopics such as DIRECTION AND DISTANCE TEST, LINEAR ARRANGEMENT TEST, ALPHABET TEST etc are not available. They are available but are not in sufficient number to be displayed as separate subtopic. However if User will select Reasoning Test in self test creation, he will get random questions from these subtopics also besides other subtopics for assessment. In future it will be our endeavour to display them also as separate subtopics

Further, Questions in test creation are randomly selected from subjects, main topics, topics, subtopics in a hierarchical manner. Subject will have more questions than main topics and main topics will have more questions than topics and so on. Test creation in subject ( say Physics) will be randomly from all questions in the subject (including topics and subtopics not displayed), all displayed topics and subtopics . However test creation in topics will cover questions only from the said topic and its subtopics (including its subtopics not displayed).

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