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Why Self Assessment

Why Shall I Assess Myself?

Self Assessment in education

Self assessment in education involves a process where students can make judgement or becritique of self knowledge and self understanding . After studying a particularsubject or topic or preparing for a whole year, few obvious questions in student’s mind are

Have I understood what I studied ?

Is my understanding adequate ?

Have I covered enough in this subject/topic ?

Is my knowledge adequate for the test?

Can I complete the test in time ?

What is effect of negative marking pattern while attempting a test?

Self Assessment is extremely useful

  • in monitoring your own performance on knowledge, skills, time management etc
  • learning to be critique of your own knowledge and understanding
  • learning to take full responsibilities of your performance
  • learning about your shortcomings and initiate steps for improvement
  • learning from you mistakes and improving on them
  • learning about topics you have not covered or covered inadequately
  • learning where you stand vis-a-vis your peers in this competitive world of education

Self Assessment is not in Isolation

Self assessment is important in relation to teachers and mentors as their teaching has lot of influence on student. Assessment feedback to teachers and mentors on their student will inform them on his performance and mistakes. It will be effective tool to discern strengths and weakness of student and can help in initiating planned actions in improvement of shortcomings and monitor same for progress Self assessment in relation to peer assessment is important because in competitions its not important how much you know but it’s important how much you know ‘more’ than others

Remember learning can be effectively undertaken

When you understand what is known to you What remains to be known And initiate steps to bridge the gap .

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